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Hand-made Yuzu seed extract serum | Beauty tips from Yuzu 2

February 19th, 2017

After the process of alcohol infusion extraction to make Yuzu lotion is finished the yuzu seeds still have some sticky moisturizing properties, leaving more goodness to extract!

…It’s a waste to throw something away…

Let’s look at the moisturising properties of the yuzu extract we have taken from the seeds, and how to make use of this thickening ingredient.


Soak the yuzu seeds in purified water after alcohol extraction.


First we need to know how to dissolve the pectin you’ll find stuck to the Yuzu seeds after alcohol pickling. Purified water is the best substance to achieve this, I have found. This time, I experimented with the amount of water so that the Yuzu seeds are only just covered. I left it for two days while shaking every so often, which worked really well to extract the pectin!


Yuzu extract made with yuzu pectin essence


Mix these ingredients into a large bottle and leave in the refrigerator for two days. Shake the bottle from time to time to blend the solution.

When extracted, the solution should be thicker than the alcohol solution.

Pour the blend into bottles and keep in the refrigerator. It can also be used as both a skin moisturizing essence, and a hand lotion to use after hand washing.


Since this is a pectin extracted from Yuzu seeded in alcohol, some alcohol component remains. For this reason it will be somewhat effective as a preservative, but please make sure the period of use does not exceed the safety period. Also take care to store properly, for example in the refrigerator. Please stop using it if it does not work well with your skin.